Its become a trend of having a swimming pool in any of your property, no matter its your private villa, or you are a owner of a hotel or any resort, while developing your property you must keep the pool idea in your mind. Swimming pool allows people to spend more time in the property without having to go elsewhere, as the UAE weather conditions are very hot from May to October of every year. Going outside in this harsh weather may effects you badly and cause severe sunburn. 

This is why having a shade at your swimming pool area is quite important in UAE, in addition to spending your time in swimming pools gives more comfort and makes you more healthy. Though swimming pools are outside, these swimming pools can be covered with Sun Shades which gives you protection from harsh sun UV rays. Installing swimming pool shades will give you more comfort while swimming and sitting outside.

Installing swimming pool shade will provide you relaxing space after a long swim  and protects you from excessive heat and hot UV rays. These pool shades allow you to enjoy more hours of swimming more comfortably. In this article we will show you few shading solutions that you can adhere for any of your pool area.

1- Umbrellas

Installing umbrellas at your pool area is a quick and easy solution. These outdoor patio umbrellas are available easily in the UAE market. These outdoor umbrellas in Dubai are affordable solutions and are available in different colors and patterns that you can use according to your property color theme.

Umbrellas are not coming in the big size; they can only cover small areas. These outdoor umbrellas are available in different shapes like square shape, round shape you can choose according to your requirements. This outdoor umbrellas are available in different sizes like 2×2 meter, 3×3 meter and 4×4 metre square shape, 3 Dia square shape and also you can ask for custom design to any of your local outdoor umbrella manufacturers and suppliers. 

Outdoor umbrellas in Dubai

2- Pergolas

Pergolas are shade structures with flat covered roof and louvre design roofs with four sides open. Pergolas can be constructed around the swimming pools with traditional themes or you can go for a modern classic design. These are available in wooden material, steel material and Aluminum material. You can choose pergolas according to your taste and budget.

Pergolas can be easily installed on swimming pool sides and on the pool top as well. These pergolas can be utilized for dining purposes or lounging areas. Pergolas are available in standard size but these can be also constructed and customize according to the need; it only requires an experienced pergola team. So before installing the pergola try to reach out come pergola contractor for the better solutions.

Pergola Shades


3- Awnings

Awnings are the stylish shading solution that is available in the market easily. Awnings provides a great weather protection to you and makes your pool sitting area more comfortable. Awning protect you from harsh sun UV rays that may cause sun burn and heat stork. Having a awning on the top of your pool is a great way to enjoy in your pool area. 

You can choose any of the awnings, as awnings are available in fixed and retractable options. Awnings are an easy way to cover the swimming pool area but are available in limited sizes which may not cover your whole pool area.  To overcome this issue you can ask any local awning suppliers that may be construct a custom size of awning for you. 

awning shade for swimming pool

4- Shade Sail

Shade sail are quite suitable shading solutions for every kind of swimming pool area as these shades are customizable and can be best fit for small and large swimming pool areas. Shade sail allows you to swim and sit in your pool area comfortably and protect you from every kind of harsh weather conditions. As these shades covers your pool area from the top which will be able to protect you from any top falling objects and hot sun UV rays.

Shade sails are the one that you can get in any shade like Triangle, Square and in round shape as well. You can look for any shade sail manufacturers and suppliers in your area that will help you out in providing suitable shade sail solutions for your swimming pool area.

Shade Sail

5- Instant canopies

Instant canopies are also called pop up canopies are the most easy and affordable solution for you swimming pool sitting area. Though these pop up canopies are not able to cover your swimming pool but these canopies will helps you to cover your pool side area where you sit after the swimming.

canopy shade for swimming pool


These are the best solutions that you can go for if you are having a swimming pool area. These swimming pool shades options are excellent UV protection, keeps the swimming pool  more cooler, increase the property wealth and make it more pleasing and keep the pool more cleaner. Though installing a swimming pool shade is a great idea in UAE as the weather is mostly hot in here. If are willing to add a shade at your pool area you can get the pool shade ideas from any of shade manufacturing company in UAE that will be a very suitable for you. Beat the heat today by installing a pool shade at your pool area and enjoy your time.