Pergolas Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

We are providing best quality Pergola shades in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and almost every state of United Arab Emirates at a very affordable price.

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We are providing pergolas in Dubai and all over in UAE states. We have both custom or standard, modern or traditional designs of pergolas with heavy-duty material and durability suitable with UAE weather.  From design to setting up, we cover everything with all required design and structural measurements which ensure that our product is long-lasting for all UAE weather conditions. We deal from design, build to the installation of classic Aluminum Pergola structures, Wooden pergola shades, and Steel pergolas.

Moreover, you are looking for fixed or retractable pergola shades we provide pergolas for both with strong structural and infinite design of shades. We have designs that will perfectly match your outdoor living area.

As per your requirements and our expertise the pergolas will be a solution for either Commercial or Residential area. As per your needs, we deal in Home and Villas, Building Roof Tops, Commercial Building Outer Space, Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts, Walk Ways, Parking Areas or anywhere you want.

We provide quality pergolas with a warranty of up to 10 to 25 years.

Types of Pergolas

Wooden fixed Pergola

If you are looking for a natural or traditional yet elegant look for your background wooden pergolas is the option you should go for as they are heavily used items in UAE and are a very popular addition to the garden and outdoor area. With a variety of pergola design options available you can go with matching your home design to adding up to your home’s overall value. Wooden Pergola can be used in home gardens, villa gardens, walkways, car parking areas, sitting area etc. Our wooden pergola structure is waterproof as we do a weatherproof polish on the structure that is available in multiple colors and will be provided as per requirements. We provide 10 to 15 years of warranty of structure. We provide both standard and custom wooden pergola designs as per client requirements.

Steel fixed Pergola

Steel pergolas are some of the strongest ones in the market. Their resilient structure helps to ensure any linen materials you put up to stay in place. Steel pergolas are available in custom or standard designs that can be painted with any color like if you want to give your pergola traditional look paint it with teak wooden color or if you want classic and modern design paint it as per your requirements. Powder-coated Steel Pergola shades are cheaper in price but are heavy duty structures that can be a free stand in any weather condition. Our steel pergolas can be used for swimming pool areas, car parking areas, garden areas, park areas, waiting areas, walkways, hotels, resorts, and rooftops, etc., you can use it as per your requirements. We provide 5 to 15 years of warranty on structure depends on material and requirements.

Aluminum fixed Pergola

The overall best option in accordance with cost, long-lasting, and durability is the aluminum pergolas, going with an aluminum-based pergola is a more financially-friendly option. From a material perspective, aluminum pergolas need little maintenance as they won’t rot and their nonporous surface is built to withstand weathering. Aluminum beams and frames are extremely lightweight, compared to other material options. Our Powder-coated Aluminum Pergola can be converted into any color and design. We provide 15 years of warranty on our aluminum pergola shades structures. Aluminum Pergolas are covered with lowes as well as with fabric but lowes give a classic and attractive look to the pergola.

Retractable Pergola

We are providing retractable pergolas that you can operate manually as well as automatically. Now you can enjoy every season in your outdoor area. we are offering the best retractable shading solution that will protect you from UV rays as well as Rain.  we provide complete motorized pergolas that can be controlled as per weather conditions. we provide both standard and custom design and size aluminum retractable pergolas, steel structure retractable pergolas, wooden structure retractable pergolas in Dubai, and all other states of UAE.