Umbrella Type Car Parking Shades

The Best Umbrella Type Car Parking Shade Installation Company in Dubai, UAE

Umbrella type car parking shades are a popular choice for providing shade and protection to vehicles in parking lots, residential areas, commercial spaces, and public places. These shades typically consist of a central support structure with multiple arms extending outward, resembling the shape of an umbrella. The fabric or material stretched over these arms provides shade and protection from sun, rain, and other weather elements.

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Umbrella Type Car Parking Shade Material Details

Umbrella Type car parking shades are quite durable for UAE hot weather and protect cars from hot sun UV rays, Rain and sand storms and protect your car from damage and fading. Well-constructed umbrella type car parking shades are built to last, with sturdy support structures and high-quality canopy materials that withstand prolonged exposure to outdoor elements. These Umbrella car parking sheds are available in different specifications and materials and will be provided according to the client requirements.

Material Specifications
Steel Structures 8” X 5mm Main Post Pipe or 10”X6mm
3”X 3mm support pipes
Customized material will be provided on demand
PVC Shading Material VALMEX® MEHATOP® F1 | FR 900 – type II: VALMEX MEHATOP® F1 made membrane with a weldable PVDF top coat lacquer. The top coat lacquer is based on a sophisticated formulation using highly concentrated polyvinylidene fluoride, which gives it outstanding cleaning properties. The material is also reinforced with a special titanium dioxide (TiO2) protection primer developed in-house. This double top-coat system protects the underlying layers of material from UV rays, thus preventing premature ageing without reducing weldability. Strong and stable, it’s suitable for harsh UAE conditions.. Beige Color or Any . 10 years of warranty on fabric.
Surface Finish: Smooth gloss finish inside and smooth gel coat finish on outside.
Fire Retardant.
UV protective
Environmental Friendly
Foundations/Footing Size and Details 1.20mtrX 150mtr X 150mtr RCC foundation
Paint Steel Structure: 2 coats of Premier + 1 coat of enamal paint or you can inquire for Powder Coating as well for the whole frame structure



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We are providing all kind of services related to GRP Fiberglass Car Parking Shades in Dubai and all over the UAE, we do engineering, manufacturing of our GRP car parking shade products onsite at our local warehouse in Sharjah which allow us to ensure that our services meet the highest Quality. We do Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of GRP fiberglas car park sheds with all civil works and government documents works.


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