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We are providing best quality swimming pool shades in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and almost every state of United Arab Emirates at a very affordable price.

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When the sun stares down with all its might, a swimming pool is a way to seek a breath of reprieve and cool off, keeping families and homeowners outdoors entertained. But the hot weather of UAE makes it really hard to keep the fun going on which makes it a priority to have the swimming pool shades. Dealing with this problem, we are providing swimming pool shades all over the UAE states.

Swimming Pool Shade Designs

Swimming Pool Umbrellas:

An umbrella placed on the side of the pool can provide a bit of shade for those in water and out and you can place them wherever you like. The swimming pool umbrella is a simple solution, movable and adjustable with the movement of the sun throughout the day.

Swimming pool umbrellas are available in Aluminum Frame Structure and Powder coated steel structure. We are providing custom made pool umbrellas as well check here our outdoor umbrellas that are suitable for every need. We provide all types of pool umbrellas with fabrication, supply and installation services, either you are looking for custom made umbrellas or heavy-duty structure umbrellas we have a solution for all types of pool umbrellas.

swimming pool umbrellas in UAE

Swimming Pool Cabana:

We provide all types of swimming cabanas in Dubai UAE with all supply and installation services. Poolside cabanas make an enjoyable outdoor area for relaxing after swimming, children play, etc. it makes a casual place in your poolside area that helps you to protect from sun UV rays as well as increase the beauty of the pool area.

We build Pool Cabanas of Steel frame, Aluminum frame, Stainless Steel Structure, and wooden cabanas. All these cabana structures will cover with Fabric covers, the roof is cover with fabric like PVC, HDPE or Acrylic canvas fabric and sidewall are covered with curtains which are retractable. These luxury cabanas are heavy duty and provide comfort and relaxation even in hot summer.

swimming pool umbrellas in UAE

Swimming Pool Pergola:

When it comes to enjoyment at an outdoor area in summer, pergolas plays an important role for shading purposes, especially in the swimming pool areas. We provide custom made Swimming pool pergolas as per client size and material requirements. Either you want to install pergola on the whole swimming pool area or you want pergola on the poolside area we will give you all the solutions.

We provide Steel pool Pergola, Aluminum Pergolas, Wooden Pergolas. Swimming pool pergola designs are available in louver material, curved design, and fabric material.  Installation of pool pergola will help you to enjoy during or after swimming. These shades are the best solution if you want to enjoy all weathers either it’s sunny or cloudy you can rest and relax under these pergola shades.

swimming pool pergolas

Custom Pool Shade Structure:

We offer a heavy-duty metal frame swimming pool shade structure for big swimming pools. These shades are available in different structures and fabric materials like Mild Steel Structure, GI Steel frame structure, PVC fabric, HDPE Mesh Fabric, Acrylic Canvas Fabric, GRP Sheet, FRP Sheet, etc. These structures are available in two options:

  1. Curve Design
  2. Cantilever Design

Both of these structure designs are built with high-quality material and we provide 5 to 20 years of warranty on fabric and structure material. Cantilever and Curve design pool shades are supported with steel structure and cover with fabric or hard shading material. We customized these structures as per client requirements and provide supply and installation on site.

swimming pool shades Dubai