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We at Falcon Shades providing all kind of outdoor umbrellas Dubai and all over the UAE. We offer all variety of umbrellas like from small patio umbrellas to big custom umbrellas, we cover all and provide premium quality umbrellas to our clients that are very durable of UAE all weather conditions and give 100% protection from sun UV rays. We provide a wide range of outdoor patio umbrellas like, Standard Cantilever Umbrella, Custom Made Cantilever Umbrellas, Standard Center Pole Umbrellas and Custom Center Pole Umbrellas.

We are offering low cost and providing best Quality Outdoor Patio Umbrellas for Hotel & Resorts, Beach Umbrellas, Umbrella Shades for Gardens, Umbrellas for swimming Pool Areas, Umbrellas for restaurant outdoor areas etc. Umbrella Shading System is a priority when you have setup at outdoor area and we care about your preterites as we provide premium quality umbrellas in Dubai, we offer Powder Coated Aluminum Umbrellas, Powder Coated Steel Frame Umbrellas, Wooden Umbrellas with variety of fabric color options.

Outdoor Umbrellas Designs

Outdoor Umbrellas Suppliers in Dubai

Center Pole Umbrella

Outdoor Umbrellas Suppliers in Dubai

Cantilever Umbrella – Square

Outdoor Umbrellas dubai

Cantilever Round

Outdoor Umbrellas in Dubai

Center Pole Square

outdoor umbrella in dubai

Heavy Duty Umbrella

Umbrella with Flaps

Why Do you need Outdoor Umbrellas in UAE

As we all know the weather of UAE is very harsh, most of the time in the year UAE has hot weather, in addition to this the humidity level is also high. Every one like to sit outside might be its your garden loan or its a restaurant serving area, or its a beach side, people enjoy to sit outside but Due to UAE’s hot weather and harsh sun light sometime its get difficult to sit outside. Keeping in mind these problem we are providing outdoor umbrellas solutions that protect you from UV sun rays. following are the advantages of outdoor umbrellas:

  • Outdoor umbrellas protect you from harsh sun UV rays.
  • outdoor umbrellas not only helps you in summer also helps you in winter to enjoy outside rainy and sunny weather.
  • If you are living in very hot and sunny area outdoor umbrellas makes huge difference in you outside comfort.
  • It also helps your pets and allow them to sit out in every weather condition.
  • If you are running a Restaurant outdoor umbrellas allow your customer to sit outside in comfort.
  • Large amount of sun UV ray destroy your furniture but umbrellas will help your furniture to last longer by protecting it from sun heat.
  • Colorful Outdoor umbrellas also increase the beauty of your property exterior area.
  • If you like to work outside, outdoor umbrellas protect your device like mobile, laptop, tablet etc from the sun heat.