6 Key Tips to Protect Your Car from the Sun and Heat in UAE

If you have a car and you are not following proper precautions to protect your car from sun heat or any other weather condition then might be you lose the grace of your car and life of car as well. 

The sun can severely damage key parts of your car like the paint of your car body, dashboard of your car, seats etc. For a car it’s not common for the exterior of a car to reach 90 degrees  C when exposed to direct sunlight in the summer. 

As in the United Arab Emirates the temperature is so high in the summer season so its very important to follow proper precautions to protect your car from sun heat and other weather conditions. The heat and sun not only damage your exterior park of your car, it also affects your car interior as well and damages interior parts of your car.

To protect your car interior and exterior follow the following tips that are suitable for all GCC countries.

2- Use windshield sun protectors

These affordable windshield sun protectors keep the car interior cooler and prevent your car interior from sun damage. 

3- Install Seat Covers

These are the best options that are a great way to protect your car leather seats and fabric seats. These are the best options for your seats and keep your car seats cooler. 

4- Wash and Dry car exterior

In UAE as the weather is too hot and the sun heat can fade and damage your car paint and might be you can get cracks on your car paint. Frequently washing and drying helps remove dirt and dust particles and maintain you car body paint for a longer period.

1- Park under Car Parking Shade

Car parking shades help a lot in protecting cars and it’s a best way to avoid your car from direct sunlight which will keep your car interior and exterior from fading and cracking. Adding car parking shades in UAE are the best way to protect your car from sun and maintain it for a long time. If you are living in the UAE it’s better to add car parking shade at your property area to protect your cars from every weather condition.

5- Wax your car

Waxing your car is very helpful in car protection precautions as it adds an extra layer of protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. How often a car needs a wax job varies but it’s best to do on a regular basis.

6- Check your car tire pressure

Due to hot weather conditions, hot pavement and under-inflated tires can easily lead to blowouts, which can be expensive to fix. Good tires can lose about 1 pound of air pressure a month so it’s really important to check the tire pressure regularly to avoid bad accidents.