5 Types Of Sun Shade Ideas That You Can Use At Your Outdoor Area in UAE

If you have outdoor space for you commercial property or any of your residential property you probably need a shading solution that protects you from sun UV rays. We all love sun but its not good always as the weather of UAE is quite hot and most of the time in the whole years it remains hot, its a smart play if we use some sort of shade in our outside property so we can sit outside easily in both summer and winter season.

Keeping in mind all these scenarios we are here providing some shading solution ideas that you may like. Some of these shading solutions are quite expensive but some also have low price option availabilities.

1- Pergolas:

pergola dubai

Pergolas are the most amazing outdoor shade structures. In addition to hot season in UAE we also have a great winter weather in which we can sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee or our dinner. Pergolas are the best solution for your outdoor property which is available in both covered and uncovered options.


Pergolas can be used for Restaurants, Villa Gardens, Hotels and Resorts, Car parking areas, Swimming Pool Areas and more. Pergolas provides you shelter from sun, rain and wind also gives an extra space to your property for sitting and dining. Pergola Shades are available in different material. You can install Wooden Pergolas, Steel Frame Pergolas, Aluminum Pergolas, Retractable Pergola,  Fiber glass material etc. You can choose any of the Pergolas in Dubai as per your needs and requirements.

2- Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

outdoor umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas are instant shading solution when you want it and where you want it. It take just 5 second to open the umbrella and you can close it when you dont need it.  Outdoor patio umbrellas are perfect shading solution for Restaurants, Villas, Hotels, Resorts, swimming pool areas etc. Outdoor umbrellas allows you to sit in outside with your mates and enjoy your meals at restaurants or in gardens.

These outdoor umbrellas are available in aluminum frame which is best for UAE weather. In addition to its frame strength it also increase looks of your outdoor area. You can also use umbrellas for branding purposes and place these umbrellas at you outdoor restaurant and hotel areas.

3- Shade Sail

shade sail dubai

Shade sail is the cheapest shading solution which is available from a low range price to high range it all depends on material requirements and design requirements. This shading solution helps in covering both small and large outdoor areas.

Sun Shade sails are best solution for School Areas, Playgrounds, Swimming pools, Seating areas, Walkway areas, Courtyard, Mosques, Car Parking areas and anywhere else you want to install. Many property owners use these shade sail to give a stylish look to there properties as these shades can be installed in different colors.

Shade sail can be installed between two walls or you can install these shades on poles. You can use water proof fabric and non waterproof like PVC fabric, HDPE Net fabric, canvas etc. Sun shade sails are great for playgrounds, pools, patios, seating areas, courtyards, and anywhere else a canopy is needed. Many fabricators, business owners, and homeowners prefer them for their streamlined, stylish look.

4- Parking Area Shades

car parking shade

Parking shades are best solution for your garages and outdoor vehicle area parking areas. as because of high temperature if you park your car outside its gets hot in very short time. Due to heat you may also lose glow and shine of your vehicle, may be you get cracks on your dashboard including these there are also a lot of drawbacks of parking vehicle in open area.

To overcome this problem car parking shade solution is best which protect your car from heat and sun and maintain your car for long time. We can use these shades for bus area parkings, truck area parkings, warehouse loading and unloading parking area, car parking areas etc. We are car parking shade suppliers in UAE providing parking shade solutions to every kind of parking areas are affordable price

5- Awning Shades

The purpose of awning shade is to protect your house/villa, shop, restaurant or any front open property area from Sun heat and UV rays. If you are living in UAE and you have window or door which is facing towards the sun its a best option to install awning shade on it that will protect you and your belongings from sun heat.

To install an awnings at your property you will be have many options available. The best awning solution is to install a fix awning at your door top or at you roof front side also you will options available like retractable awnings,  window awnings, deck awnings, metal awning, fiber glass awnings, and these are also the best awnings.